Monday, September 8, 2014

Platform Birkenstocks

Perhaps I am a bit behind the trend ball here, but I have been seeing some platform Birkenstocks around town as well.  They are amazing. What a great idea since Birkenstocks put you incredibly low to the ground, especially once they are well worn.

Apparently, they sold some version of these at Colette in Paris, but on a far more reasonably scale, you can find them here:

Funny, that these and the shoes that I posted yesterday make me worry that my days of caring about shoes are over. I mean, maybe this is a good thing, but what it really speaks to is how much more quickly time appears to go, go, go, after a certain age. I used to think of fashion and beauty as a way to mark time, i.e. you buy a new lip color for a new season.  But, frankly, no one I know, myself included has the disposable income for such frivolity, but even if I did, what I am trying to say is that I don't think that the new shoes would in fact mark time, as they once did.  Eras can no longer be fashioned, created, because time just moves too fast now. I can't fully explain this. Perhaps I will come back to it. But if you are a bad-ass twenty-something with money to burn and I eye for the quirky, buy these shoes, and wear them for me! (Maybe what I mean is: when you see a young person a year after you last saw them, they tend to look different. When you see someone say, over thirty-three, a year after you last saw them, they tend to look the same. Does this make any sense?)

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