Sunday, December 28, 2014

Le Hiatus. So, shoes

It has been more than three months since I have posted anything. Suffice is to say, I have been busy. Busy good and busy bad. So, let's start small, let's start easy, let's star with shoes.

Dansko released this beauties a few weeks before the holidays. I should have bought them in black immediately, only I am trying to pay down debts and get to a place where I can start saving for bigger more important things, like having children and buying a house. Nevertheless, I should have listened to Lauren and bought the damn shoes. They are a brilliant and affordable take on the Sam Edelman booties that were hugely popular a few years ago. They also seem to borrow from No 6 clog boots, the one's that every hip woman in NYC wears. So, see if you follow the progression of influence here. I don't know if the Edelmans or the No.6s launched first, but how I saw the progression.

Let's start with the Edelman pair:

And, then, the No. 6s.

And, then, the Dansko pair, which are the best of the lot in my opinion––and the one's that I should have bought and worn forever in black. The putty is pretty great, too:

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