Monday, August 18, 2014

Digital dating

I am not going to lie: I am doing the online or digital dating thing. And it is not fun. This recent article from the New York Times nails one of the reasons why: too much choice, does not necessarily make for happy human beings:

"Here's the problem with bigger numbers and endless possibility: They don't go well with humands.  We don't have the processing power.  Dating is not simply about finding like-minded people, but about limiting your potential set of choices.  When we're making a selection from what sociologists call a bounded set of choices, we can 'satisfice' ––that is reach a kind of threshold of satisfaction.  Once we find something above that level great, let's try it.

When the number of options increases, we become maximizers––unsatisfied with those options, and wanting more.  On Tinder, we can judge, swipe and date as if there is an unlimited number of matches. Faced with boundless choices, can we ever choose?" (Reich).

I would be remiss to say that I have "boundless choices" on the dating front, but I do have a few and it can feel overwhelming.

Have you digital dated?
What has your experience been like?
Please share.

Read the New York Times piece here:

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