Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wedding dresses

I am completely ambivalent about weddings and all that goes with them. I am not one of those women how has dreamed about weddings or wedding dresses from a young age. But, don't get me wrong. I have flirted with thinking about it. If I had to get married and had to wear a dress, what would I wear?  There are essentially two kinds of dresses that I like: one, a simple column dress with some sort of black  accent.  JCrew pretty much owns this category. I've been eyeing this dress, and ones, like it for a very long time:

I am referring to the one in the middle, here. Doesn't get more understated-chic than this, does it?

The only other reasonable options seem to be, go big or go home.  This Vera Wang number makes it seem like a wedding can be a big fat party, and not the kind of required drudgery it often becomes––especially when you are facing down the big 4-0. 

This one says, I'm getting married, suckers! Let's party!

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