Monday, August 18, 2014

Harness boots

A few weeks ago, when it was dreadfully hot, all I could think about were boots and how great it would feel to wear them when the weather cooled off.  I started fantasizing right then and there about these harness boots from Fry.  They might be a bit too tough and masculine for me, but then again, every fall I start to think about their virtues once more:

Harness boots, by Frye.

Fry also makes a sweet pair of engineer boots, but I think the harness boots are more versatile and suited to just walking around town.  

Engineer boots, by Frye.



I am pretty sure I remember a spread from Sassy magazine that paired prom dresses and engineer boots. Had I had my druthers back then, that's what I would have worn. We'll skip the horrid details of what I actually wore––for now.

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